About Custom Paintings
Custom paintings make a stunning and meaningful gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation,  or to mark an important moment in your life or the life of  a loved one. I am now accepting orders for custom paintings. Read stories of people who have requested custom paintings.

Here is how it works:

  1. We discuss the subject matter/idea you have for a custom work (To get ideas you might look at other pieces I've created in my portfolio).
  2. We clarify dimensions and color palette for the space you envision the work hanging in.
  3. Once we have the general plan in place, my favorite part is hearing what I can hold in prayer for you as I create the piece. (Don’t be intimidated! ☺ )

I will be in communication with you and ensure your satisfaction. I will send you a picture (or you can come visit if local) before finalizing the painting.

Details: Pricing is based on the size of the painting. Shipping costs vary depending on your location. We can talk this through before I get started.

Timing: Once you have clarified with me your vision, I can usually complete a painting in 3-4 weeks. (I will let you know the timeline once we have the plan in place.)

Sizing: I love working big and I enjoy building custom canvas sizes. I would love to brainstorm with you about the size that will best suit the space you are thinking of putting the painting in.  
The custom paintings I have worked on have been an absolute blessing. It is my experience that the prayers any one of us hold are relevant for all of us. I hope that working together on a custom painting can be a really precious experience for both of us.

Please email me at bronwen.henry@gmail.com to inquire about a custom painting.