Trust the Process

Trust the Process.

Today I've been working on a painting I love. It has been a challenge. And fulfilling. I also knew it wasn't quite right according to the buyers requests. She came by today to see it and give some feedback. What amazed me was that in this traditionally vulnerable spot (presenting work. receiving feedback.) I felt at ease. I have enough experience behind me to know that when a painting isn't quite there, it means you are on the shores of a breakthrough. It means when you finish it you will love it even more. It means that there is something there you haven't discovered yet. It means that the parts that bother you, will be transformed into some of your favorite parts of the painting. It means this version will provide a depth and richness that wouldn't be possible without it. Nothing is lost. All will be used.

I am so thankful for this experience of painting and I know that slowly, very slowly, these lessons that I'm learning at the canvas, are traveling into the rest of my life as well.

Imagine what it would feel like to know that the parts of your life right now that don't feel quite right are part of a beautiful layering? What if I had the joyful confidence that any unrest or discontent was only a sign that life was going to get even better?

What if I smiled with the process in anticipation of the unfolding?

*** "Together" 48" x 48" (Acrylic on Canvas) ****