Art Opening

Last week my first show at an art gallery, Abington Art Center opened! I tried to play it cool when they put my name on the wall, but it wasn't easy! What was easy? Chatting all night about my art. Here were the top three questions I was asked (and my responses):

 "How do I make the time?" I paint early, paint first before kids wake up if needed and before I go to work. I have a plan (just like you put out gym shoes at night if you are running in the morning) so I don't hesitate. I dive right in.

"How long have you painted for?" I've painted in a committed daily way for almost five years. It was great fun to tell the story of how I got started. Sharing my first painting "Radioactive" in the gallery was a real treat. 

"How do you choose your subject matter?" (Also sounded like, "Why flowers AND trees?") I described how I follow joy. I let nature inspire me, I let color speak to me and I go for it.

One thing I realized as I answered these questions and many others is that working on my book (still in pursuit of agent/publisher) has helped me to refine so many of my thoughts and approaches to creativity. Of course these are constantly evolving/growing and yet there is a strong foundation of ideas there. I look forward to sharing more!

Thank you to all who came out! If you are in the Abington area the next 6-8 weeks stop on by. The show will be up through the first week of June.

Missed the opening and want to connect? I will also be part of a morning program on Saturday May 12th 10-12 "Coffee with the Artist" together with local ceramicist Christina Orthwein.

To my delight I will be offering an Open Heart Studio IN the gallery space. This is a special one time offering on June 2nd 10am-1pm. Grab a friend and save your spot!




Laurel House Opens New Office

With each original I sell,  I donate 10% to non-profits making a difference. One of the non-profits I've been able to support is the Laurel House working to end domestic violence.

I'm touched that with Laurel House moving to a new office they chose to decorate with many of my Society6 prints

It's Not About the Hustle

Time at the canvas is my commitment to myself to be still. To remember the love that is available and flows in to each one of us.


It's not about the hustle. Art is prayer. Not another todo item. Don't get confused, friends.

I have been nearing confusion myself. I find myself in a storm of hustle. So many errands, outings, activities, and also the ordinary every day meals and cleaning, the list goes on and I know your list is longer than mine.

Yesterday someone looked at me in disbelief. "How do you do it all?" She said. And I stopped. I wanted her (and you) to know, painting for me is not another thing I get done. For me fitting painting into my life is about slowing down. It is about making space. It is resting. It is restoration.

As the Bahai' tradition says, my art is my prayer. Every moment at the canvas is as worshipful as a moment in meditation, as soul restoring as standing on a mountain top, as contemplative as a moment in a pew. My time at the canvas is my commitment to myself to be still. To remember the love that is available and flows in to each one of us. As I move the paint, following the edge of a flower, looking into the shadows of trees and leaves, I fall in love. Again and again. I fall in love with being alive. I fall in love with nature. I fall in love with God. I remember that even though life is terrifying, and the list of fears are long, this moment is enough and I am here. Breathing.

Don't get confused and think that I or another am doing a lot and you have to get busy and try to do more. It is about doing less. it is about making sabbath practice, prayer, stillness, quiet a priority. It is about carving out time, making it a priority, and slowing down.

Sometimes it does look like (or feel like) a hustle to make the time. But I want to remind you (and me): don't get confused. The only point is to be present. There is no other place to hurry and get to other than this very moment.