Finding Us

FindingUs web.jpeg
FindingUs web.jpeg

Finding Us


Original Acrylic Painting

48” x 48” (c) Bronwen Mayer Henry

All fear is when we feel separate.
When we remember we are connected, fear dissolves.

As I created this painting I meditating both on things that break my heart and also the healing power of connection. 

Painting this mother and baby elephant series was a concrete reminder of both the longing for refuge, shelter, and protection and also the deep truth that these elephants demonstrate of connection.

When we remember to walk together in life, though the greatest struggles remain, we are less alone. And finding this 'us' will be the path through. Stepping out of isolation and into the comfort and care of community.

This painting is created with permission inspired by the photography of National Geographic photographer Ronan Donovan.

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Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas by Contemporary Artist Bronwen Mayer Henry

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