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Opening at Awbury Arboretum (August & September)


You are invited to a restorative art opening, "Creativity Heals" featuring yoga with Michelle Synnestvedt and art by Bronwen Mayer Henry. Enjoy a summer evening out on August 8th at the Cope House of Awbury Arboretum. This free event will begin with yoga at 7pm in the gallery space and a talk by artist at 8pm. All welcome.

Local artist, Bronwen Mayer Henry, stepped into a passionate pursuit of creativity when diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. It was an unexpected path through a Thyroid Cancer diagnosis
and treatment (swallowing a radioactive pill and spending 7 days in isolation) that led her to return to a neglected love for painting.

Today her work continues to be a space of deep healing and stepping into more joy. Her macros studies of nature are bold, vivid, and joyful. Through playful color and courageous canvas sizes the ordinary becomes rich, energetic, and healing.

The artist lives in Huntingdon Valley, PA with her husband, two children, and King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. You can view her work at

Her work will be on display at the Cope House of Awbury Arboretum, August 8th-September 27th.

Address: Cope House, Awbury Arboretum | 1 Awbury Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19138

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Art Show at Pendle Hill

Bronwen Mayer Henry Art Show.jpg

As part of Pendle Hill's Arts and Spirituality program, Bronwen Mayer Henry will have artwork featuring the joy, peace, and wonder of trees. Her large scale pieces, will be on display at Pendle Hill Barn Gallery April 30th-July 17th.

Opening Night with Talk by artist, Tuesday April 30th, 7:30-9pm Free and open to the public.

Address: Pendle Hill, 338 Plush Mill Rd, Wallingford, PA 19086


I am so excited and grateful to have made this connection at Pendle Hill...and when they said they were looking for an artist to feature trees and spirituality--it felt like a perfect fit. If you've ever wanted to check out Pendle Hill--the gorgeous restorative quaker retreat--now is your chance!

Here is my artist statement for the exhibit: “When I paint trees something in me is quieted down, and I can hear a message about light and darkness, a message about balance, a message about being fully present to change and growth. I am reminded to be grounded and reaching toward the light. When I study a woodland scene I am reminded that like a forest, death and new life are alongside each other. I am reminded that imperfections are part of the beauty. I embrace the asymmetry, the leaning, the scars, and the letting go. I look for the light moving in unexpected ways. Following the seasons, I’m reminded to let go, begin again, be patient and feel the joy and pain of this moment, knowing it is moving and changing. Painting woodland scenes, paths, rivers, streams, I’m reminded that right here in this present moment is where peace dwells.” ~ Bronwen Mayer Henry

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Solo Show at High Point Cafe (Fairmount)

Bronwen Mayer Henry (3).jpg

Check out the fourteen pieces I have on display at High Point Cafe on Fairmount Ave. Grab a cup of coffee, a crepe, or a favorite gluten free baked good.

High Point Cafe: 1925 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130

Open Daily 6:30am-5pm

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Show at High Point Cafe


I'm setting up a new show at High Point Cafe 602 Carpenter Ln in Philadelphia. The work will be visible for February and March with an artist reception on Sunday February 25th 3-5pm. My newest blueberries will be on display as well as some other favorites. 

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