our vision

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How This Idea Began

It was six years ago that Martha Pitcairn launched her Ignition Academy and Bronwen Mayer Henry attended an early session. Attending an Ignition workshop with helped Bronwen to re-awaken a love for painting and open to compassion at a new level. 

Bronwen has stepped into a creative path filled with painting and now leading Open Heart Studio sessions to help others awaken to creativity and compassion.

Recently, Martha and Bronwen teamed up on coordinating events together and the joy of working together keeps growing. Today they are envisioning a Creativity and Freedom Retreat in ITALY.

Some incredible connections have presented themselves, including a farmhouse at a villa in the countryside of Umbria (http://lasegreta.com/), and a friend who knows the area intimately and is ready to help make it happen.

Retreat days will be filled with soul-nurturing time, space to breathe, meditative painting sessions, coaching sessions, group workshop time, connections with new friends, quiet moments outdoors and delicious healthy food.

This weekend retreat put on jointly by the two of us will be an exploration of compassion, creativity, kindness, freedom and gentleness all in the context of a gorgeous Italian Villa and a supportive community of women. 

Since riding the incredible wave of joy and transformation at our first joint retreat weekend...we find ourselves continuing to dream big. In fact it feels a lot like our wildly improbable goal is rushing towards us quickly and we are racing to grab it by the tale and hop on for the ride. We hope you’ll join us.

With bubbly excitement and a twinkle in our eyes,

Bronwen Mayer Henry and Martha Pitcairn