Open Heart Studio (Saturday May 11th)


Open Heart Studio (Saturday May 11th)


Open Heart Studio with Bronwen Mayer Henry
Saturday, May 11th, 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., at Abington Art Center (515 Meetinghouse Rd. Jenkintown)

Celebrate creativity Mother’s Day weekend. Whether you are new to painting or it is a beloved practice, you are welcome. In this non-traditional painting experience you are invited to step into more joy, freedom, compassion and creativity.

At this session you will get to work on your very own canvas to take home with you and you’ll participate in a workshop to break through creative barriers and step into more joy with local artist, Bronwen Mayer Henry. Painting time for this workshop will be in an intentionally quiet space as a practice of mindfulness. There will be time to connect with other participants and the instructor at the beginning and end. Beginners welcome. This is a sacred space to be gentle with your heart, to find stillness in a busy week/life.

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Photo by Joy Brown Cole.

Photo of Artist and her daughter. Recommended age 12 and up for this workshop, contact artist for exceptions (

I'm in!

You are invited to join me for an Open Heart Studio session. 

The Open Heart Studio is a place to practice opening your heart to compassion and creativity. 

Are you ready to open to more joy, more freedom, more compassion, more creativity in your life? Are you looking for support to step onto a creative path? Join me for an Open Heart Studio session. At this session you will get to work on your very own canvas to take home with you and you'll participate in an Open Heart workshop: exploring strategies and inspiration to open your heart. 

Beginners welcome. People afraid of painting and the canvas welcome. This is about willingness and curiosity and courage...not experience, not skill. This is a sacred space to be vulnerable and open at the canvas, to be gentle with your heart, to find stillness in a busy week/life, to find the freedom you long for. 

I believe that each of us can make an imperfect offering at the canvas. And what is profound is how something in your heart shifts while creating this offering. We don't have to be good enough. We just have to show up.

Attending an OpenHeart Studio session is holding space in your schedule to take care of you, to restore, to be gentle, to be curious.

Can't make this session? I hope to make offering 1x a month at different days/times. 

Note: Open Heart Studio is NOT a traditional art workshop. You will learn some basic strategies/techniques but it is more about the heart than the art. Check out Abington Art Center classes for foundational painting courses for more technical support and skill development.