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Spaciousness web.jpeg




72” x 48” (c) Bronwen Mayer Henry (Acrylic on Canvas)

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Something about this painting helps me to breathe. There is a depth. An opening. When I hang it on the wall, the room feels more spacious.

While creating it, I've been thinking about the longing for freedom, the longing for space to breathe, the longing for things to shift. This is a prayer for anyone who can't see the way forward...and yet longs for a way to open.

Dear God, 
Thank you for this beating heart and these lungs that expand and contract. Thank you for the ice that forms at night, catches the sun in the morning, and melts away as the day progresses.

Today, in the face of insurmountable obstacles, when there is pressure behind and before us, may a way open.

When our external struggle stays constant,
May something shift in our heart.
May something in us soften and open.
May we remember that freedom comes with stepping into love.
May we be brave where courage is needed.
May we be patient where tolerance is needed.
May we be creative where energy is needed.
May be we still and remember the newness of each moment, each breath.

When our external situation looks the same,
May our heart be transformed by love.
May a miracle of new energy, new acceptance, new hope, new joy, and new possibility awaken within us.

May we shift our focus from the stress behind us or the anxiety before us.
May we remember the spaciousness of the universe expanding, the seasons shifting, and trees reaching toward the sky. 
May a way open within and around us.