This is me. 
For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Bronwen. In 2013, I started painting while I was in isolation navigating Thyroid Cancer treatment. (Today, one of the things I'm most grateful for is how great I'm feeling physically.)

After treatment and experiencing such bliss painting, I decided I didn't have to have cancer to do such a restorative practice. Now I'm at the canvas daily. 🎨

I'm a deeply contemplative artist. For me it is more what happens in my heart than what happens on the canvas. Through writing, I strive to share some of the inspirations I get while painting. 

Painting for more than five years now, I find myself deepening my commitment to my path as contemplative artist. I am committed to time at the canvas (showing up, putting my heart into it, spending the time in prayer & meditation), showing up in my life (being authentic, sharing my story, sharing the heart pieces with you), and sharing the joy and freedom I feel at the canvas with others (through Open Heart Studio offerings). I love following my own inspiration, and I love working on collaborative commissions with collectors. 

I have two kids (one pictured here) that are complete bursts of joy and energy in my life. Sometimes they run me crazy and I send them outside, other times we are snuggled up with our King Charles Cavalier and reading or playing a game. My hubby is a grounding force in my life, a partner in raising a family and running a home.

When I am not creating, working, or adulting you can find me playing with my kids, exploring nature (biking,kayaking, hiking-yes please!) or reading (preferably in a hammock). 🌱


Bronwen Mayer Henry is a contemporary painter specializing in trees and flowers. She lives outside Philadelphia, PA with her husband, two children, and King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Her work has been in several local coffee shops, and has been featured in Real Woman magazine.  She has pieces in private collections in California, Colorado, Georgia, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Washington State, Canada and South Africa.

It was an unexpected path through illness with courage that led Bronwen to commit time to painting. Her art is an expression of prayer, meditation, hope and joy.

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