New Development: Offering and Helping to Answer Prayers Through Paintings

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I am feeling so grateful to share this new development in my painting efforts.

If you've followed my work, you know that prayer is a big part of my
painting experience. With each painting, each brush stroke, I am spending time in prayer. I have a confidence around prayer and how it is transformative. I feel clear that prayer is about changing the person who offers the prayer. I also feel that praying compels us to action. Perhaps in quiet unseen ways, perhaps in big ways.

A few weeks ago I made the decision that with each original painting I sell I will donate 10% to an organization that serves the needs related to what I'm holding in prayer while working.

Some examples:

1.  I recently completed a custom painting for a friend, her prayer requests were about having a hope and a future and I've decided to send 10% to an orphanage that offers children a hope and a future. 

2. For the painting I'm doing for a young woman navigating an eating disorder, I will donate to an organization that supports young women having a better future around the world.

3. There is a painting I worked on during the anniversary of my Radioactive Iodine Treatment for thyroid cancer and I donated 10% of the sale of that painting to THYCA supporting Thyroid Cancer Survivors.

It is my hope to continue to give back to non-profits that are offering care and support to a variety of needs. Non-profits that are helping to answer prayers. Here is information on the non-profits I've been able to support so far

My heart is so happy to know that in addition to a gentle, peaceful time painting, in addition to a beautiful play of color on a canvas, I get to give back in a small way to helping to answer so many heartfelt prayer requests and prayers.

It would be my joy to collaborate with the person buying the painting on the non-profit that they are lit up about that are helping to make the world a better place. This feels like a full circle aspect of my painting experience and I am grateful to the many people who have invested in my pieces and made it possible for me to give back in this way.